New post on writers’ rumpus

Wrote up a new post on observation for animation illustration & writing on Writers’ Rumpus – the final installment of the 3-part series. Includes notes on how I use reference from Pinterest, like this pinboard – one of my favorites:


Portfolio update


Just updated my illustration portfolio – check it out here! Sneak peek at some fun new projects, mostly still under wraps…

Museum of Science Mural project

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a super neat project for the Discovery Center at the Museum of Science, working with the staff members to develop a 16 – foot – long mural of New England Forest Animals.  Here’s a bunch of the progress work, with some color comps, one linework variation (we’re still moving some stuff around, so the final won’t look quite like this), an early rough sketch and super rough early thumbnail. MOS_thumbnail_forest_sunset_v1 MOS_thumbnail_forest_sunset_v2 MOS_thumbnail_forest_sunset_v3MOS_thumbnail_forest_colorlinework_2-1-16MOS_thumbnail_forest_linework MOS_forest_animals_panel_thumbnail

Bonus: some fun animal studies I did in preparation for the final linework – if you follow me on Instagram (@thereul) you might have seen some of them already. Hoping to finish up the project in the next couple months – will try to post final photos when it’s all up!
IMG_4291 IMG_4292 IMG_4371 IMG_4285 IMG_4286 IMG_4287IMG_4288 IMG_4294

Writers’ Rumpus


Writers’ Rumpus, a great blog for writers & illustrators of children’s books, recently invited me to join. Part one of my three part series, Animation, Illustration and Writing just went live this morning!  It includes lots of process pieces on development work for “Monster of Lake Quannapowitt”- check it out here:

Animation, Illustration and Writing – Part 1: Iterations

UPDATE: Also posted Part 2: Planning & Part 3: Observation. Lots of fun spreadsheets & photo ref, my favorite!


flower ritual


Another gif for a couple months back, for the theme “ritual”.

Little Red


“She didn’t know what a wicked animal he was, so she wasn’t afraid of him.”

Just finished up a new piece, “Little Red”, for submission to the SCBWI Tomie dePaola 2015 illustrator award.   The goal was to illustrate a line from Philip Pullman’s version of the tale – the rest of the excerpt can be read on the prompt page.

I started off with pencil sketches, then re-did the sketches, experimented with the lines and painted the piece all in photoshop – here’s a little process gif!


magic 8-ball fortune


Remember those magic 8-balls? I often wondered if they were weighted, the same answers always seemed to come up.

This month’s theme on is “fortune”.  I actually started working on this concept a few months back, for the “ritual” theme, but decided to go with a different idea for that one, will post that up soon. Here’s an earlier stage of the 8 ball gif:


Monster Party! Interactive Art

monster_party monster_party_frame

Finally got together a post on another fun project, totally separate from my film (but still full of monsters, surprise, surprise! :))

Nick and I collaborated on this for FableVision’s 2014 Creative Juices “Glow in the Dark” Art show (I had interned at FableVision the previous spring, worked on lots of awesome little animation projects while I was there).

I cut out paper monsters and arranged them in layers in a shadow box we borrowed from my dad. While I was doing that, Nick tinkered with the electronics – using arduino and a string of leds, he programmed three separate light patterns and attached it up to a sound sensor and wired a bunch of batteries on the inside.

The box stays dark until someone shouts “MONSTER PARTY!” (or makes any other kind of noise; roaring works especially well).

Here’s a demo of it in action:

Thanks to Miriam for providing the sound:).

monsterparty_sketches2 monsterparty_sketches1 monsterparty_layout

Tons of thanks to Nick Malfroy-Camine as always, my favorite partner-in-everything.

“Monster” Wins ‘Best Animation for Kids” at Animation Block Party!!

Super excited that my film, “The Search for the Monster of Lake Quannapowitt” won Best Animation for Kids at Animation Block Party 2015! To celebrate, I’ve posted it online and updated my website with a new page for info on the film.

Hope you enjoy!


Monster of Quannapowitt at Animation Block Party!

“The Search for the Monster of Lake Quannapowitt” was accepted into the Animation Block Party festival this year!   It’s playing during the Kids Animation session Saturday, August 1st @ 2pm, at the BAMcinématek in Brooklyn.

rover_afterI wish we could go – we’ll be out of the country…

but if you make it to the screening, say hi to my mom :)!