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Let’s get excited about Writing & Drawing!

I love sharing my picture book-making process and getting students excited about writing and illustration.  

Whether visiting in-person or online, my goal is to inspire creativity, growth mindset and a love of reading and storytelling. My work with hand-drawn animation and my teaching experience at the Museum of Science’s Overnight program lend a unique perspective and approach to my K-6 presentations. 

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I do a lot of talk about growth mindset and how mistakes are an important part of the learning process, so it was really nice for the kids to see how many attempts it takes for you to get something just right. During writing time, I’ve been referring back to that when kids are getting stuck.

It’s been great to say, “You’re working just like a real author/illustrator – remember how many tries Sarah Lynne Reul made before her work was just right?” The kids light up when they hear that, and it gives them all (even the strugglers) the confidence to keep trying.

– BElmont, MA