author visits

Thanks so much for your interest in having me present at your school!  I love meeting with students & talking about the process of making picture books.  

For the 2018-2019 school year, the fee for a full day (up to four presentations) will be $800 for schools within 50 miles of Wakefield, Massachusetts.  For schools outside of that area, the fee will be $1,000/day, plus travel costs (including hotel if necessary). 

Each presentation can run from 30 – 60 minutes, depending on your needs, and can be tailored for separate groups of grades K-1, 2-3, or 4-5. 

My presentations will go through my experiences with writing & illustration (as well as my connections to hand-drawn animation!), including gathering ideas, drafting stories, sketching, revising, and creating final art.  I’ll be sure to leave time for Q&A, and may include a sneak peek into future projects or a quick drawing demo as time allows.

However, if you have a specific part of the process where you would like some extra emphasis, please let me know!   

Feel free to email me anytime at to discuss your school visit goals. 

from ellenIMG_2932SLR,tiny book


Tips for a successful Author/Illustrator visit! 

  • Before the big day:
    • Help prepare students for the visit!
      • Read & explore THE BREAKING NEWS with your class ahead of time.
        • The educator guide created by the Anti-Defamation League can be useful to help spark discussions in your classroom. 
        • Create art, writing prompts, grow flowers or create other projects focused on “one small thing” each of us can do to help our communities.
      • Make sure the students know about the upcoming visit and offer them the chance to prepare questions ahead of time, so that they’re ready for the Q&A session.


  • The day of the visit:
    • I’ll bring a keynote presentation on my Ipad, as well as a VGA & HDMI adapter. Please have a projector & screen available for use in a room that can be slightly darkened so that the images show up.
    • Please make sure that teachers stay in the room during the presentation to assist with classroom management and to help pick students during Q&A. You know your students best!


Thanks so much – I can’t wait to meet you & your students!