Due to requests from teachers and librarians asking for a read-alouds to share with students while they’re at home, I’ve created a storytime playlist on my YouTube channel, which will remain up at least through June 30th, 2021 – please feel free to share the link with your students. If you have further questions about online sharing of my books, please see the statement from my literary agent on my Info page. Thank you!

“ …with its humor and dedication to being utterly silly, this book is truly one-of-a-kind.” –  School Library Journal

NERP!, Sterling Publishing

Yum, yum… it’s dinnertime in the monster house! And what a feast – there’s frizzle frazzle hotchy potch, mushy gushy bloobarsh… even yumptious chickamoo!   But will the baby try a bite of anything? NERP!  How can this picky eater EVER find something to slurp? 

With Sarah Lynne Reul’s delightful made-up language and hilariously expressive illustrations, we’re sure to find SOMETHING that baby will eat.


Want to know more about how I created the illustrations in NERP! ? Check out this behind-the-scenes video!

Activities for NERP!

Printable activity sheet


“. . . Reul’s clever use of nonsensical monster vocabulary plays very well against the expressive green and yellow countenances of her charming and sympathetic characters. Even the scaly pet’s personality pops, especially when eying the foul contents of its food bowl. The creativity of the menu—both the names and the neon images—is half the fun of this homage to dinnertime chaos.”Kirkus (starred review)

“Clever mashups of foodie words, tasty adjectives, and nonsense words that are fun to say make reading Nerp! aloud––and with verve––a joy. Combining this entertaining dialogue with charming mixed-media illustrations set in a diorama made of cardboard, Sarah Lynne Reul creates a wholly original story that will keep children and adults laughing all the way through.” – Celebrate Picture Books

“Absurd fun. The alien/monster language used exclusively in the text is a mixture of words easily translated from context (nerp = nope, yerp = yup, etc), and a creative list of ridiculous-sounding meals that are loads of fun to read aloud.” – The Baby Bookworm

My kids loved this new one from Sarah Lynne Reul! They couldn’t stop laughing and asked me to read NERP! again and again.”The Colorful Apple