100 days of drawing on photos

A few years ago, I began participating in a challenge on Instagram – #the100dayproject – where the goal is to 1. commit to a project (with its own unique hashtag), 2. create something each day and 3. post an image each day, for 100 days. The challenge usually starts in early April, but anyone can jump in at any time.

For my first two years of the challenge, I completed #100daysofdrawingonphotos. I took a photo each day and drew on it, either in Photoshop on a cintiq tablet, or in the Procreate app on my iPad, and posted them to Instagram & Facebook.

You can find all 200 images (plus a couple extra, since I accidentally doubled up a couple days!) on my Instagram under the #100daysofdrawingonphotos, but here are some favorites from across both years: