100 days of using school stuff

A few years ago, I began participating in a challenge on Instagram – #the100dayproject – where the goal is to 1. commit to a project (with its own unique hashtag), 2. create something each day and 3. post an image each day, for 100 days. The challenge usually starts in early April, but anyone can jump in at any time.

After visiting some schools for author visits, I found that kids were really fascinated with the digital drawing that I’ve done for my books & #100daysofdrawingonphotos – some of them seemed to feel that they could only draw if they had fancy technology to help them!

So, I decided to do a project that uses materials that you could find in most schools, both to experiment with and to create things using supplies that are readily available.

You can find all of the images on my Instagram under the hashtag #100daysofusingschoolstuff, but here are some favorites: