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Writers’ Rumpus, a great blog for writers & illustrators of children’s books, recently invited me to join. Part one of my three part series, Animation, Illustration and Writing just went live this morning!  It includes lots of process pieces on development work for “Monster of Lake Quannapowitt”- check it out here:

Animation, Illustration and Writing – Part 1: Iterations

UPDATE: Also posted Part 2: Planning & Part 3: Observation. Lots of fun spreadsheets & photo ref, my favorite!


4 Comments on “Writers’ Rumpus

  1. The concept of iterations is a great
    technique to use in any creative
    field. Thanks, Sarah

    • Definitely. As you can see, I quoted a songwriter – thought you might appreciate that :). Nick was even saying that he sees parallels with the creation process for new software products.

  2. Very informative. And it makes me less afraid of THE BLANK PAGE when I start a project.

    • I totally agree, Cynthia! I’ve heard in writing that you can always edit something bad, but you can’t edit a blank page. If you can jumpstart with a bunch of crappy versions, it really helps to fill up the pages so at the very least, they’re not blank anymore!

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