Monster Party! Interactive Art

monster_party monster_party_frame

Finally got together a post on another fun project, totally separate from my film (but still full of monsters, surprise, surprise! :))

Nick and I collaborated on this for FableVision’s 2014 Creative Juices “Glow in the Dark” Art show (I had interned at FableVision the previous spring, worked on lots of awesome little animation projects while I was there).

I cut out paper monsters and arranged them in layers in a shadow box we borrowed from my dad. While I was doing that, Nick tinkered with the electronics – using arduino and a string of leds, he programmed three separate light patterns and attached it up to a sound sensor and wired a bunch of batteries on the inside.

The box stays dark until someone shouts “MONSTER PARTY!” (or makes any other kind of noise; roaring works especially well).

Here’s a demo of it in action:

Thanks to Miriam for providing the sound:).

monsterparty_sketches2 monsterparty_sketches1 monsterparty_layout

Tons of thanks to Nick Malfroy-Camine as always, my favorite partner-in-everything.

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