100 days of making tiny things

A few years ago, I began participating in a challenge on Instagram – #the100dayproject – where the goal is to 1. commit to a project (with its own unique hashtag), 2. create something each day and 3. post an image each day, for 100 days. The challenge usually starts in early April, but anyone can jump in at any time.

Although I only made it to day 87, one of my favorite projects was #100daysofmakingtinythings. I’ve always loved miniatures and I wanted to create little things out of stuff I could find around my desk and in the recycling – cardboard, paper, bottlecaps, etc.  This project was super fun, but also very time consuming – it was challenge to keep it going from day to day, since some of the projects took me a couple hours to complete.

You can find all 80+ images on my Instagram under the #100daysofmakingtinythings, but here are some favorites:

And some videos, from the Instagram posts: