Virtual Visits

I liked it all. Your journey, writing process, expressing importance of reading, starting small and not worrying so much about the end results at first – just take the initial step and try.  



I love sharing my picture book-making process and getting students excited about writing and illustration!

My virtual visits are full of behind-the-scenes images, detailing my process of writing & illustration.  I talk about my connections to animation and how I gather ideas, draft stories, sketch, revise, and create final art.  There’s time for Q&A, (and possibly sneak peeks into future projects!). As always, if you have a specific part of the process where you would like some extra emphasis, please let me know.

Looking for something a bit more interactive for individual classes? Ask about storytelling game workshops!

Presentations run about 45 minutes, tailored for grades K-2 or 3-5.

Technical Stuff

We can use Zoom, Google Meet, or the video conferencing software of your choice. I’ll split the presentation between slides and an interactive storytelling game, as well as a few minutes at the end for Q&A. It helps to do a 5 minute test call at least one day before.

I ask that you provide attentive teachers to assist with classroom management, and prepare the students ahead of time by reading at least one of my books (since they’ll get much more out of the experience if they’re familiar with my work!).

I welcome photographs and/or screenshots during the presentation, but request that participants refrain from video recording.


For the 2020-2021 academic year, each 45-minute virtual visit will be $150.

If you book four or more virtual presentations for your school within the same week, the price per presentation drops to $125/each.

For Title 1 schools, a discounted fee may be available – please contact me ( for more information. 

Book Signing

If your school participates in a book sale ahead of the presentation, I’m happy to mail out personalized bookplates so that students can have their own signed copies.

You can run the sale through your favorite bookshop or we can coordinate an online sale through, an author-run site that works with local indie bookstores.

For more information, download the PDF below (includes tips, book order form & flyer)


Sarah Lynne’s experience as an animator makes her a welcome and relatable resource within the world of publishing.  Students will find her presentation inspirational.  She is a great motivator for both aspiring writers and reluctant writers.

– Wakefield, MA