Thesis Update: Woo hoo!!

On Wednesday, December 17th, I passed my final thesis review! gargantua

With all of the holiday stuff going on, I didn’t have time to post right away. The final review was an online video chat with David Nethery, the Online 2D Animation Director; Sam Fleming, my advisor; Dennis Blakey, the Visual Effects Director and Stewart Lew, a 3D animation/effects instructor. It was a huge relief to finish up the project and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. There were a few small suggestions to improve the film that I’ll be working on over the next few weeks, but overall it was big success and I now officially have my Master’s in 2D Animation!

Since I’ll be submitting to film festivals, I can’t publicly post the project up just yet, but there are pieces of it in my updated demo reel here:

If you’re dying to see all three-and-a-half-glorious-minutes of the whole film right away, shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do ;).

I’ve updated the rest of, including the thesis overview, which includes link to the final review book PDF with lots of background and production info for the project. I’ve also spiffed up my illustration portfolio – I’m hoping to have time to create some more overdue blog posts about new pieces in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’ll be working on some freelance illustration and enjoying a bit of non-crunch time.

2 Comments on “Thesis Update: Woo hoo!!

  1. Hi Sarah Lynne,

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news. I loved the short reel, and I look forward to seeing the whole film when it goes global. I love the characters.

    I hope you can take a little time off before getting to that freelance stuff.



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