Collaboration = Awesomeness

Working from home can be a little isolating. Through online classes through Academy of Art University I’ve learned a ton about animation and illustration, but the often lackluster community aspect of sparse discussion boards and “good job!” critiques can leave me a feeling a little empty.

I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to get myself out there with other real people doing the same kind of work, even though my time is pretty limited these days between finishing up my Master’s thesis, working on freelance illustration and taking care of my two lovely, ridiculous, time-consuming children. Through the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, I’m working with a few other illustrators to start up a local critique group (in person!) and I’ve attended another writer’s critique group to test the waters.

But over the summer, while on a long road trip with the family, I stumbled upon a super way of combining two of my favorite things – drawing silly stuff and playing with Miriam, who’s now 5. We made pages and pages of collaborative drawings (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving) – here are some of my favorites:

In this one, I drew a creature and asked “What is it looking up at?” Apparently a pink tree and a spider sun… and now she has a fancy hat and necklace.

photo 3

One of many princesses I have been commanded to draw:
photo 2

Miriam’s additions: balloons in hand, green rapunzel hair, a skirt, shoes and teeth.

photo 1

photo 3 copy

Sometimes she’d come up with an idea that I’d illustrate, then she’d customize the drawing with color and her own drawing additions.  Other times I started with some simple shapes and then she’d add a bit, and we’d go back and forth until the drawing was just perfect.

Nick and I also collaborated on a fun project back in August – I’ll be posting more on that soon!

3 Comments on “Collaboration = Awesomeness

    • And of course, how could I forget my wonderful collaboration with you on the Smith Family Secret books :)! I have a future post planned on that too.

  1. What a great idea, Sarah. Such a good collaboration. This probably exists as a product, but if it doesn’t, it would sell.

    We love getting your posts. Spoke with your mom yesterday and she mentioned that you’re all going to Judy’s for Thanksgiving. You’re welcome to stay at our house for a long weekend or overnight if you want to take the extra drive here. Unfortunately, we’ll be in Austin for Thanksgiving, but feel free to stay here. There are horses across the road now, but I can’t guarantee they’ll be here if you come.

    We’re upstate for this week. The annual film festival starts Wednesday and we’re preparing to stay indoors for 5 days. Laurie and Robert and our friends, Joy and Earle come up for the annual film marathon. We’re watching the leaves fall before the winter starts. It’s gorgeous up here.

    Oh, and happy cheese party!! I love cheese, too. I consider it one of the basic food groups.

    Love to all, Cynthia

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