Rock Centaur

Two summers ago Nick made a birthday request: an illustration of him as a centaur, rocking out metal-album-cover style.

And this past fall, he finally got it!

rock_centaurI couldn’t resist a teeming audience of monsters.

Here are the color comps I experimented with, many based on famous album covers (can you read my awful handwriting?)


Some of the other location concepts – rock island in a pool of lava, lightning storm on a craggy mountaintop, shaft of moonlight in an ancient forest, at the desert church from “November Rain”, on a cliff over raging ocean waves.centaur_thumbnails_valuecentaur_sketchesNick has been so incredibly supportive throughout my whole MFA program – I appreciate it so much!!

Love you to pieces. Now go rock the faces off a thousand monsters!

One Comment on “Rock Centaur

  1. Wonderful! I’d recognize him anywhere. And congrats again. Love C&E


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