Blue-footed boobies, that is. What were you thinking? This is not that kind of website. 
Our neighbors went on their honeymoon in the Galapagos Island. I was kind of jealous (and still am! Maybe we’ll make it there someday). 
I drew these guys for my 100 birds project from separate references. I hear they like to dance – I figured it’s always more fun with a partner.

birds #26 & #82

Two more little birds from the 100 birds project. I didn’t have a chance to color all of them – well, most of them. Maybe one day I’ll compile them into a coloring book! Then you could choose whatever colors you’d like. These guys were sketched freehand from online photo references.

foamcore set

In the 2006 SMFA Illustration class, we built our own sets out of foamcore and small characters out of clay to experiment with lighting and scene setup.

One of my classmates held a slide projector off to the side to create the lovely light while I snapped  pictures on the instructor’s camera. He printed a select few of each student’s work and made a CD for each of us with our photos, but I realized too late, after the class was over, that my CD was blank :(. This photo is the only one that remains – I scanned in the print he made for us.

us or me

In 2006 I took an Illustration class in the evenings at the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
One assignment was to create illustrations for a selection of Ian McEwan’s “Us or Me” from the New Yorker. I created the pen & ink drawing below, of the argument scene, when the men are fighting over the ropes of a rogue hot air balloon.

I painted the piece below as a cover illustration for the assignment.

A few months later I recreated the painting by carving into a ceramic bowl I’d thrown. It’s one of my favorite bowls, although it sits in the cabinet more than it should, to keep it from breaking.

In person, it’s a lovely robin’s egg blue. and the finish on the glaze is almost velvety. I really enjoyed carving that rope pattern into the clay. I should use that bowl more.

colored pencil portraits

I took a couple art classes at Cornell and one of them was a focused independent study on portraiture.  I mostly worked on self-portraits since I was afraid my friends would be offended if I drew them ugly by accident.

cinco de mayo

These models came from magazine photos, so they couldn’t get mad. The original magazines are long lost so we can’t even judge accuracy anyway. Just trust me, they’re spot-on ;).


tunnel sketches

3rd floor, my parent’s house in Brooklyn

Montreal fire escapes

 These are pencil sketches from a while ago – working on depth & perspective.



 Classes haven’t started yet, so I’ll be posting some older drawings to kick off this blog.  Here’s a drawing from my undergraduate days – about 10 years ago now. I took lots of organism-level biology classes; I think this was from a vertebrate structure class. If I remember correctly, this is a perch (Perca flavescens – yup, just checked it – thanks wikipedia!)