Hi! Classes have just started and it’s going well so far – more to come soon. In the meantime, here’s a sphere drawing from my new fine arts Head Drawing class – it’s done in charcoal & white pastel on toned paper. We’ll be studying chiaroscuro throughout the semester – analyzing light & shadow – and will be examining the “anatomy of shadow“

fabric folds

Here are some pieces from my fall figure drawing class where the assignments focused on the storytelling of folds in fabric. The first one is a drawing I did from life of one of my dresses draped on a stool; the rest are from photo references that Nick helped me take.

figure drawing – stretch & compress

In my figure drawing class, we recently had an assignment requiring stretching & compression of form – ie bending of limbs, torso, etc so that you can see the compression on the bent side and the way the form stretches on the opposite side. Nick helped me take reference photos of myself so you may recognize the model :). don’t mind me, just conjuring…

foreshortened figures

Here are a couple of drawings from week 5 of my figure drawing class – we were focusing on foreshortening (where parts of the body look smaller or larger depending on how far they are from the viewer). These took about 2 hours each to complete. These are both charcoal, on 18″ x 24″ newsprint, from photos provided by the instructor

figure drawing – first assignment!

So, my online classes are in full swing. I just finished my first week’s homework for my Figurative Concepts class. Right now I’m mostly drawing from photo references but am planning to head out to some local figure drawing meetup sessions soon.  Here’s a selection from this week’s assignment – compressed charcoal figure drawings on 18″x 24″ newsprint – our instructor provided the photo…