rooster & hen

This happy couple comes from my “100 birds” project. Someday I’ll get around to scanning & posting the other 94.

birds #26 & #82

Two more little birds from the 100 birds project. I didn’t have a chance to color all of them – well, most of them. Maybe one day I’ll compile them into a coloring book! Then you could choose whatever colors you’d like. These guys were sketched freehand from online photo references.


Blue-footed boobies, that is. What were you thinking? This is not that kind of website.  Our neighbors went on their honeymoon in the Galapagos Island. I was kind of jealous (and still am! Maybe we’ll make it there someday).  I drew these guys for my 100 birds project from separate references. I hear they like to dance – I figured it’s always more fun…