cannonball v balloon

The second round of assignments in my traditional animation class had us take the same basic ball shape from our bouncing rubber ball exercise and modify the movement to show that it was something entirely different from a rubber ball – a cannonball and a balloon. Before watching my examples below, think about it – how would you move the same basic shape to portray these different things?

These are both hand-drawn on my Wacom Intuos tablet, into TVP animation software.

Here’s the cannonball – it was really fun to do. I guess destruction usually is:

Here’s the balloon – it took way longer to do – there are probably about 250+ unique frames. I need to clean it up, too (see how the outlines are so wobbly and kind of “hairy”?), but I’m focusing on this week’s assignments for now, hopefully will get around to that later.

Coming up next week:  Flying creature & flapping flag animations!

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