Dog Monster Transformation

For the past couple weeks I’ve been working on a scene from my thesis, where the dog that’s been swimming around in the lake during the lake monster auditions actually transforms into a monster. I’ve been working on the character animation for my directed study and on the effects for my fx final.  I recorded the super-awesome sound effects to help with the timing.

Here’s the latest pass:

In the next week, I’ll be working on completing/cleaning up the effects, as well as adding some character details like the ears/horns, scales, gills, improving the tongue & teeth and making the hand wave at the end.

Here’s an earlier pass, where the water whirlpool twists up at an opposite slant (and where I was still thinking of doing a smoke effect):

And last but not least, the version of the scene that’s currently in my animatic… you can see that I’ve expanded on it quite a bit!

2 Comments on “Dog Monster Transformation

  1. Sarah, I love your work and your portfolio is so impressive. Congrats on getting that internship. Happy New Year to all!

    XX Cynthia

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