Effects: Splash

This one was daunting at first – it’s said that water is one of the most difficult things to animate effectively. However, once I found a method of attack (envisioning an ellipse in perspective, and a path for the overall form of the splash) it felt a lot more comfortable.

Effects: Vortex

This effect was one of the hardest for me to grasp – we studied vortexes, including water vortexes, tornados, fire whirls, etc. I do like the way this turned out, although my instructor pointed out that it has a sort of “spinning plates” feel to it.  Here’s a page of exploratory sketches: I almost chickened out in favor of a jellyfish animation, with little…

Effects: Wispy Smoke

This one is an exploratory version of a monster for my thesis: a smoking, hooker-esque fish. It’s based off a real animal, the red-lipped batfish (which does not, to my knowledge, actually smoke). I think the smoke’s going to have to go way slower, maybe need to inbetween all the frames here. Here are some of the sketches I made of the smoke from blown-out…

Dog Monster Transformation

For the past couple weeks I’ve been working on a scene from my thesis, where the dog that’s been swimming around in the lake during the lake monster auditions actually transforms into a monster. I’ve been working on the character animation for my directed study and on the effects for my fx final.  I recorded the super-awesome sound effects to help with the timing….

Demo Reel 2013

Quick post – I updated my demo reel! https://vimeo.com/80044825 There are some fx clips included that haven’t been shared before – I’ll try to get the exploratory designs for those posted within the next couple weeks.

Effects: Raging Fire

Another one from my effects class – this time, a raging fire. I studied a lot of forest fire videos for this, trying to get an idea of the energy forces that move the overall pattern. However, I got a little distracted by including a brief glimpse of a fire monster in the flames – can you see it? My notes from the planning…

effects: lighting a match

Things are a bit crazy around here, but classes are going pretty well so far this semester – a group directed study (where I’m working on my thesis) and a special effects class (all hand drawn).  The first assignment for effects was to animate a matchstick lighting up – I was pretty happy with the result (and the process was fun, too!). I’m keeping…