head turn animation!

Sorry for the delay! This week was a little crunched for time, so the blog posting got up late.

Last week’s Traditional Animation assignment was to animate two different kinds of head turns – a classical, fully-animated version and a “limited” or “stylized” animation, along the lines of UPA’s Gerald McBoingBoing 
I had a lot of fun on these – I designed a fishbunny (from an unwritten story I made up called “The Fishbunnies and the Water Tower”) for the classical head turn and here it is: 

Note how the ears drag behind and then fall forward as the head turns one way, then does the same on the way back.

Then for the limited animation, I made a monster (they’re so versatile):

This one took way less time – rather than moving in perspective like the fish bunny, the monster’s head just pops over from one side to the next. Most cartoons made for TV are limited/stylized animation, since the production time is way shorter.

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