bird & flag

Here’s the work from our third week of traditional animation classes!

This goose was pretty fun to do – I spent a lot of time watching reference videos on Getty Images.

The “flag blowing in the wind” was a little more frustrating, but still a great experience. Think of any kind of clothing – a skirt, open jacket, cape, etc – all of these would have to be animated if characters are outside on a windy day, or even if they’re just moving quickly, so it’s a good thing to practice.

I’m not loving the way these videos embed – they’re so small! Eventually I will play around with some other options, like uploading to youtube or vimeo and then just embedding the link. But for now, this is easiest to just get it up!

Coming next week – a “head turn”! This might not sound too exciting… but, well, it’s a big deal! I’ve been working on it all day and it’s the most fun assignment so far.

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