Thesis Update: Animatic Revision

Another reworking of the animatic! This one’s close, I can feel it.

Just a few more changes on the slate that haven’t yet been incorporated:

– A title/opening scene aerial view of the town, with the camera slowly moving in

– Camera move on bandstand scene, continuing the slow zoom from aerial view

– Zoom on Gargantua (the biggest monster) as he walks out into lake

– *maybe* two more montage monsters. We’ll see.

When I do the layout pass, nailing down the perspective, I’ll also be pushing the poses as much as possible.

Earlier this week, had a fantastic recording session with Alison Potoma, the new voice of “Hazel”, the interviewer. Will be editing that sound & incorporating into the animatic within the next couple weeks,  rerecording the other voices as necessary.

Once that’s all set, my colleague Zoe Yang, a Sound Production MFA student also at AAU, will be helping me with the score & foley. You can find some of her other work here on behance.

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