Head drawing class flashback 4: Wonky Self-Portrait

The assignment, of course, was meant to be a regular self portrait (not a semi-creepy weirdo version).  I had super high hopes for it, as I’d been pretty happy with my other images throughout the semester and I’d done self-portraits before that had caught a likeness. Unfortunately, something went awry maybe 10 hours into the project… and no amount of layering on pastels could fix it. And of course, there was the ever-present problem of traditional mediums: no “undo” button. In any case, I followed the process outlined in  “Head Drawing Class Flashback 1: “Girl with Dreadlocks”.

Started off ok – I think I caught a bit of a likeness here. Maybe a little wide… but I figured it could only get better with color.


Decided to go with a hot pink underlay. Here’s what it looked like when I first added pigment….

…and after I rubbed it in, with some additional reddish brown layers.


Here’s some more pigment added, with more of the shadows coming out.. and this is where I first noticed that the eyes are a little too far apart. Nothing that more pigment can’t fix, right?


Wrong. I just went crazy on that eye, and the eyebrow above it… who knows what happened there.


Ah well, better luck with the next 10-20 hour drawing!

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