Head drawing class flashback 4: Wonky Self-Portrait

The assignment, of course, was meant to be a regular self portrait (not a semi-creepy weirdo version).  I had super high hopes for it, as I’d been pretty happy with my other images throughout the semester and I’d done self-portraits before that had caught a likeness. Unfortunately, something went awry maybe 10 hours into the project… and no amount of layering on pastels could…

Head drawing class flashback 3: “Man with Hat” (oil redux)

Remember the guy from last week’s post? Well, for another assignment in my head drawing class, we had to use another reference photo of him, but this time we had to “draw” with oil paints. We were supposed to thin the paint out with turpentine, but I hated the smell so ended up using something else- mineral oil, I think?  Anyway, the concept was…

Head Drawing Class Flashback 2: “Man With Hat”

A follow up to last week’s post – another pastel drawing process for “Man with Hat.” I know, I know, where do I come up with these titles? Here’s the black underdrawing…. …and the smeary black chalk overlay… … and then oops, apparently I forgot to photograph the other middle steps. Here’s the finished product:

Head Drawing Class Flashback: “Girl with Dreadlocks”

So, my posting schedule started to suffer at the end of the Fall 2012 semester when I was working on assignments for a head drawing class. Luckily I still have the files for most of them so I’ll post a few of those before my classes for this fall get going in the next couple weeks. After focusing on sanguine/white studies on tan paper,…

focus on mouth & nose

Another one from Head Drawing, focusing on rendering the mouth & nose. The studies are master copies from William Maughan, and the man is from the provided reference photo – I’ve included that here so you can see that the likeness is getting there!

focus on eyes

In Head Drawing, we had a recent module focusing on eyes. The top two are master copies, and the woman is from the provided photo reference.  I think I focused so much on rendering her eye that it ended up out of place! I could probably play with this in photoshop to move it closer in to her nose, and up a bit… but…

ears: facial feature study

Here’s the last installment of facial features from week 7 of my figure drawing class. Oh ears. You used to seem so amorphous and vague! But now I am armed with a little anatomy understanding and you don’t scare me anymore. This tutorial from Stan Prokopenko really helped me understand some basics of ear construction (if you’re interested in basic facial feature drawing, he…

mouth: facial feature study

Here are the mouths from week 7 of my figure drawing class. Most of these are from drawing book or online references, although a couple are from my own mirror studies.

nose: facial feature study

Here are the noses from week 7 of my figure drawing class. This first page has a bunch of famous noses towards the top – can you guess who’s who?

eyes: facial feature study

In my figure drawing class, we’ve been focusing on close studies of individual features. I’ll be posting two pages each for eyes, noses, mouths & ears over the next few days. I drew most of these from references – both from drawing books & online resources  (you may be able to make out my handwriting for the names of the authors) as well as from photos….