Head drawing class flashback 3: “Man with Hat” (oil redux)

Remember the guy from last week’s post? Well, for another assignment in my head drawing class, we had to use another reference photo of him, but this time we had to “draw” with oil paints.

We were supposed to thin the paint out with turpentine, but I hated the smell so ended up using something else- mineral oil, I think?  Anyway, the concept was to stroke the paint on and have it dry almost immediately, so that there was none of the blending that you’d usually get in an oil painting. The process sort of mimicked the method we were using for pastels – short, layered strokes that didn’t smear together, but ended up blending visually instead.

Just one process picture here – you can see that the underlayer colors are quite different. There’s no underdrawing at all – just started by laying in the paint.


…from the finished product:


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