bird walk

Walk cycles are pretty difficult to do – you’ve got arms & legs moving all over, the whole body moving up & down – lots of pieces to keep track of.  It takes at least 16 drawings to get a good cycle down. I didn’t love my first attempt at a profile walk cycle this semester – I kind of jumped into it without really thinking about the character, so it turned out kind of bland. In fact, I don’t even feel like posting it, so I won’t.

On my second try, I designed a new character, and intended to have the walk be kind of slow and sad. I like the way this bird turned out but not sure it really looks sad – although the head is down I think the legs get a little jaunty. I also avoided arm swings by making teeny little vestigial wings. I like it anyway, and here it is:

(Wait! Before you watch it, keep in mind that I didn’t have a chance to draw all the details of the head all the way through – the face disappears at one point, please disregard and focus on the body movement, if you can).

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