Thesis Update: Scenes 43-47

Another quick post with a few updated scenes. Gargantua is really fun to animate, he is so big and meaty. I’ll need to add more splashes and after some feedback from my instructor, I realize that I need to  update  that camera move so that it follows rather than anticipates the action.

Thesis update: Scenes 38-42

Since the summer semester at the Academy of Art University is double-time (with two modules per week rather than one), I am trying to blast through the remainder of my rough animation. There’s a total of 58 scenes in the film (I count it as a scene each time the camera direction changes) and as of now I’m up in the forties, hooray! Here’s…

Spring thesis update!

Just finished up an excellent spring semester.  Through a one-on-one directed study course with animator-extraordinaire Sam Fleming, I managed to knock out the rough animation for scenes 3-37. Incorporated new voiceover material from the multi-talented Alison Potoma as well as from my ever-patient, wonderful husband Nick (who provided the voices for two of the monsters here).     Here’s the latest version of the animatic –…

Dog Monster Transformation

For the past couple weeks I’ve been working on a scene from my thesis, where the dog that’s been swimming around in the lake during the lake monster auditions actually transforms into a monster. I’ve been working on the character animation for my directed study and on the effects for my fx final.  I recorded the super-awesome sound effects to help with the timing….

Demo Reel 2013

Quick post – I updated my demo reel! There are some fx clips included that haven’t been shared before – I’ll try to get the exploratory designs for those posted within the next couple weeks.

Thesis Update: Animatic Revision

Another reworking of the animatic! This one’s close, I can feel it. Just a few more changes on the slate that haven’t yet been incorporated: – A title/opening scene aerial view of the town, with the camera slowly moving in – Camera move on bandstand scene, continuing the slow zoom from aerial view – Zoom on Gargantua (the biggest monster) as he walks out…

Thesis update: New Monsters

Working on an update of my animatic and I’m happy to say that an old idea has worked its way back into the film – a sort of quick montage of unsuccessful candidates.  The new version of the animatic is coming soon, but in the meantime, here’s a sketch sheet of some new monster ideas:

Thesis update: Storyboards & Animatic

So as you may remember, I’ve been working on a 2D Animation Master of Fine Arts degree through the Academy of Art University’s online program. As a final thesis project, we’re required to complete a short film. “The Search for the Monster of Lake Quannapowitt” will be a 2D, digitally hand-drawn animated short of less than 3 minutes about the candidate search to fill…

beryl & rawrg – character sketches

Here are some never-before-seen character sketches I did while designing Beryl & Rawrg last fall! For the main part where we first see both of them together, I tried to give her a skeptical, static stance to contrast with his crazy, over-the-top antics.

beryl & rawrg – animation final project!

Here’s the final project for my first official animation class! I’m pleased with how it turned out – lots of in-between drawings and great feedback from my instructor throughout the process, and I even managed to get it done before the deadline despite a bout of pneumonia at the end of the semester. This was pretty fun to do; I’m looking forward to next…