evil queen from snow white

We recently had an assignment for Drawing from the Imagination that required reflection plotting – so complex! The theme was Snow White’s evil stepmother; the process was challenging and counterintuitive.

In order to make sure that the drawing included the both the queen and her reflection, we were instructed to draw the queen & her reflection first, then fit the frame of the mirror accordingly.  This allowed for a view where we could see the queen and she could see her own reflection – much more complicated than you’d think! But next time you are near a mirror and another person, test it out – there are so many angles where you can’t see the reflection, or where you can see the reflection but the other person can’t view him/herself!

Anyway, I am pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish in one week. The style ended up being sort of an art deco/steampunk – her dress sort of reminds me of the layers in a beetle’s body – it evolved as I was drawing it. I had so much fun collecting photo references – you can see many of them on my props pinboard.

There are some more fixes my instructor pointed out – the window seat in the reflection goes down too far; the queen’s left shoe is at a weird angle & should be foreshortened more. The apple sits kind of weirdly against the mirror and anyway I was trying to make it look like a glass apple perfume bottle – I think color would help clarify that. I was hoping to add a burning cigarette in a long, elegant holder, as well as more perfume bottles everywhere, but alas, time is fleeting.

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