This assignment was a lot of fun to work on! It was a three-week process for my Drawing for Imagination class, and my instructor provided lots of great feedback along the way. Here’s the finished piece – I am really happy with the characters, their costumes and the general layout.

The first week, we had to design nude characters in combat – this way there’s no guesswork on the arms and legs – no clothing to hide mistakes! I added underpants so that it’s more PG and chose to go with a mismatched Laurel & Hardy-type pair: a short,squat guy fighting a tall, skinny opponent.

The second week, we had to add clothes with significant patterns – although this was intimidating at first, I ultimately really enjoyed it – I felt that the patterns added a great sense of three-dimensionality. It was satisfying to draw the curved forms – like carving into space!

The last week was dedicated to the background – I spent a while on the windows, door & the standpipe, but ran out of time for the building texture.  If I had extra time, I’d fix the facing on the building so that it looks more like brick, I’d fix the window sash near the door and I’d thicken the attachment of that water drain on the front curb so that it looks sturdier. I had high hopes to add a lamp post and some shadows but it didn’t happen. Better luck next time!

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