more museum animals

I’m working hard on my new spring assignments but nothing’s quite ready to post yet.  I found some sketches from the Museum of Science – when I worked there full time I used to try to sketch during lunch.

Here’s the moose from New England Habitats. One of the Exhibit Development staff told me that when they put this moose up for exhibit in the early 60’s, they felt inclusion of genitals would be too risque for the visiting school groups. It’s hard to see from outside the glass but now I think of this guy as a Ken doll. At least he has a nice rack, right? (Except it wasn’t even his original one – that came from another moose!)

The staff members of the Collections department were nice enough to pull objects out for me during my lunch break. (They even used to let me sketch in the sealed-off Colby Room when they were cataloging there – more on that later).

 There are thousands of specimens (animal mounts, shells, rocks, scientific artifacts) nestled in the catacombs beneath the exhibit halls, just waiting for someone to request them for a lesson plan or interpretation. The objects also cycle through two exhibits, Natural Mysteries & Museum Then & Now, but at any given time there are tons of objects off-exhibit. Here are a couple of my favorites from last year:

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