chappy & two lamps

Spring classes start up next week!  After a not-so-exciting ideology of art intercession class over the last 3 weeks, I am really looking forward to studio courses.

All three of my classes this semester will have an intensive studio focus – Traditional Animation 2 (a continuation of last semester), Layout Design (backgrounds for animation) & Drawing from the Imagination (which hones on on perspective & lighting of imaginary spaces and objects).  Since I won’t have assignment work to post over the next week or two, I’ll post some other personal sketches in the meantime. 

 Here’s a drawing of Chappy from our visit to the Vineyard on New Year’s with Nick’s parents. The lamp with the intricate shade pattern was by our bedside; the other one is a bright red ikea lamp that’s on Nick’s side of the bed here at home.

2 Comments on “chappy & two lamps

  1. Sarah, I like your drawings. You have a nice, feeling line and free style that doesn't look messy (It echoes the Hark! A Vagrant stuff that way). You draw people with sympathy and give them the breath of life. I was struck, in your animation, by the moment that Beryl's expression softens.John Heebink(Drawing from the Imagination teacher)

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog, John! I really appreciate the Kate Beaton comparison, I love her work. Looking forward to the class this semester!

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