I received these great questions about my book THE BREAKING NEWS from 3rd graders at Orchard Grove Elementary, so I thought I’d share the answers with everyone here. I talk about my writing and drawing process, share some behind-the-scenes images, and more!

Due to many requests from teachers, I also posted a read-aloud of the book for kids who might not have access to bookstores or libraries in these difficult times:

The handout mentioned at the end of the video can be found here:

Thanks for checking this out and please share with anyone who might find these resources useful!

One Comment on “Q&A for THE BREAKING NEWS

  1. Thanks so much, Sarah it was so nice to be read to and to hear that great message again! I had been feeling bad because a woman in Georgia that I had been trying to reach to make sure she voted just called me back after I left a message. She had moved and didn’t know where to go to vote. I gave her the hotline number (after trying the website I had – that couldn’t help because she had never registered in her new county). I just hope that she got through to the hotline and that it’s not too late to register in a new county. (I had wanted to call PA, which I know better, but they wanted me to call GA today.) Thanks for listening. I guess I did my “small thing”.

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