Pattern Design: Beagles

Here’s the fun little side project I worked on last week!, an awesome site where you can upload or choose designs to make custom fabric, wallpaper & wrapping paper, has a weekly pattern design contest. This is for the theme “Beagle”(in honor of Miss P, winner of best in show at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show). I think the voting runs through Wednesday this week, if you want to check it out and toss a vote my way!

beagle_pattern_blue_and_brown beagle_pattern_blue_and_green

I worked out two color variations, just entered the sky blue/brown variation in the contest. Here they are zoomed out a bit:


beagle_4_blueandgreenbeagle_1_sketch     beagle sketch

Everything here was drawn digitally, aside from the pencil sketches at the bottom. It’s been really nice to have a theme for my sketching practice, hoping to do more of these in the future.

4 Comments on “Pattern Design: Beagles

  1. Great! I voted and forwarded it to the Austin Schneiders who have two beagles. Let me know when you’ve done Poochie wallpaper.

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