snow white dancing scene – Drawing from the Imagination Final

Here’s my final project submission for my favorite class last semester, Drawing from the Imagination.

The assignment was to illustrate an excerpt of “Snow White” … of course, I forgot to save the text… but to paraphrase, Snow White & the dwarves (none of them higher than Snow’s waist) have just finished cleaning all day. After a good supper, they all celebrate with dancing and fiddle music. Nobody notices the evil old witch, staring in the window from outside.

This was another three-week assignment, with the first week focusing on thumbnails and layout, the second week cleaning up the perspective and figures, and then the third week plotting all shadows and adding value. We had to incorporate all aspects of the semester’s work – correct perspective, shadow plotting, reflections and figure drawing. I learned so much in the class – I only wish there was a follow-up course to delve more deeply into the subject matter!

line drawing from week 2

thumbnail from week 1

alternate thumbnail in 2-pt vertical perspective

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