sneaky goose walk

This assignment took WAY longer than I originally thought it would! We were given 4 key frames (major drawings showing the most important positions) plus a chart for spacing all the drawings, all from Richard William’s “Animator’s Survival Kit” book.  Usually desiging/picking a character & determining those main poses takes me a huge amount of time, so I thought “Awesome! This will be so quick & easy”.  Wrong. 
To do a “sneak”, you need about 32 drawings per step (each one exposed twice), as opposed to about 8 drawings per step on a normal walk (like Mabel’s walk). Since there are so many in-between drawings, you have to be pretty accurate with the breakdowns (the major drawings between the keys) and there are many more important drawings that affect how the character moves from one pose to another. It took me about 10-15 hours to complete this assignment, animating a total of two steps (right foot, left foot), then copying & adjusting all the drawings so that he walks in & out of the frame. 

2 Comments on “sneaky goose walk

  1. Sarah,this is Elliot and I'm here to tell ya dudette, that you are AWESOME!!! Cynthia has been forwarding all your posts and I've enjoyedevery one of them. Watching your progress has been both enjoyable and thrilling at the same time. Your passion is evident in your work — be proud. It's beautiful.

  2. Thanks Elliot! So glad you are enjoying the posts – I have been having lots of fun making them. Hope you and Cynthia are both doing well!

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