I’m currently a graduate student pursing a Master’s of Fine Arts in 2D Animation through the online program at the Academy of Art University in San Franscisco. We’re required to complete a short film as a final thesis project.

I’ve spent the last semester refining my concept and I’m happy to present it here:

The Search for the Monster of Lake Quannapowitt will be a 2D, digitally hand-drawn animated short of less than 3 minutes about the candidate search to fill an open lake monster position.  The entire story will be told lakeside as a young woman interviews at least three potential monsters.  I will create stylized layouts based on the lake in my town, including the local bandstand, park benches and autumnal trees.  I would like the film to demonstrate my handling of character acting, timing, pacing and overall design.

This coming March, I’m scheduled for my midpoint thesis review, where I’ll present my concept and preproduction materials for approval by a faculty panel. If I pass the midpoint, I’ll begin working on the actual production in late spring/early summer, ideally completing in Spring 2014.

You’ll find some of my concept art and character design model sheets as well as other bits and pieces as I progress through the project.