birds #26 & #82

Two more little birds from the 100 birds project. I didn’t have a chance to color all of them – well, most of them. Maybe one day I’ll compile them into a coloring book! Then you could choose whatever colors you’d like. These guys were sketched freehand from online photo references.

colored pencil portraits

I took a couple art classes at Cornell and one of them was a focused independent study on portraiture.  I mostly worked on self-portraits since I was afraid my friends would be offended if I drew them ugly by accident. cinco de mayo These models came from magazine photos, so they couldn’t get mad. The original magazines are long lost so we can’t even…

tunnel sketches

3rd floor, my parent’s house in Brooklyn Montreal fire escapes  These are pencil sketches from a while ago – working on depth & perspective.


   Classes haven’t started yet, so I’ll be posting some older drawings to kick off this blog.  Here’s a drawing from my undergraduate days – about 10 years ago now. I took lots of organism-level biology classes; I think this was from a vertebrate structure class. If I remember correctly, this is a perch (Perca flavescens – yup, just checked it – thanks wikipedia!)