head drawing

Hi! Here’s my first attempt at drawing the head using the new materials – pastel sanguine & white pencils on a grey/tan toned background. I think I caught a likeness of the original ref photo (a marble carving) but can definitely still work on the chiaroscuro. It’s so hard to keep  myself from drawing too hard at the beginning (makes it difficult to erase…

three heads in perspective

In “Drawing from the Imagination”, we’ve been working on drawing the human form from imagination, using indirect photo reference.  Here’s a recent assignment with the photo ref included. It required that we draw Ron from a 2-pt perspective (from a side angle, level with his head), Sophie from a 2-pt vertical perspective (basically, looking down or looking up at her) & Francis in 3-pt…

emotion study drawings

Here’s work from week 8 of my figure drawing class – had a great, cheap model :).

ears: facial feature study

Here’s the last installment of facial features from week 7 of my figure drawing class. Oh ears. You used to seem so amorphous and vague! But now I am armed with a little anatomy understanding and you don’t scare me anymore. This tutorial from Stan Prokopenko really helped me understand some basics of ear construction (if you’re interested in basic facial feature drawing, he…

mouth: facial feature study

Here are the mouths from week 7 of my figure drawing class. Most of these are from drawing book or online references, although a couple are from my own mirror studies.

nose: facial feature study

Here are the noses from week 7 of my figure drawing class. This first page has a bunch of famous noses towards the top – can you guess who’s who?

eyes: facial feature study

In my figure drawing class, we’ve been focusing on close studies of individual features. I’ll be posting two pages each for eyes, noses, mouths & ears over the next few days. I drew most of these from references – both from drawing books & online resources  (you may be able to make out my handwriting for the names of the authors) as well as from photos….

happy halloween!

Here’s a creepy facial muscle study to celebrate: graphite on 11″ x 14″ sketch pad


Starting in week 6 of my figure drawing class, we began to focus on portraits. Here are my three – they took me 1.5 to 2 hours each and were done with prismacolor pencil or graphite on an 11″ x 17″ sketchbook. here’s the original photo for this one  Vintage portrait from flickr Clark Gable from this original photo

colored pencil portraits

I took a couple art classes at Cornell and one of them was a focused independent study on portraiture.  I mostly worked on self-portraits since I was afraid my friends would be offended if I drew them ugly by accident. cinco de mayo These models came from magazine photos, so they couldn’t get mad. The original magazines are long lost so we can’t even…