two-point perspective interior

In Drawing for the Imagination, we had another assignment that spanned two weeks: a two-point perspective interior. I was going for a space like the Colby Room at the Museum of Science.  Here’s the final piece, with shadows plotted from the main light source & tone added to the surfaces:  The first week’s component was just laying out the basic shapes (see below, with…

mabel moves

This video is a combo of two assignments for my Traditional Animation 2 class – getting up out of a chair and “easing in” to a walk. In order to smoothly start or stop any action in animation, you have to carefully space the drawings so that the motion doesn’t start awkwardly or end too abruptly. Keep in mind this is just a simple…

meet mabel!

So, it’s happened once again – I missed my weekly posting! Not for a lack of material, though  – my new classes are very challenging and I am already learning so much. In first week of classes, our Traditional Animation 2 assignment was to create a a five-point turnaround model sheet. Last fall I played around with some basic character design but hadn’t done…

beryl & rawrg – character sketches

Here are some never-before-seen character sketches I did while designing Beryl & Rawrg last fall! For the main part where we first see both of them together, I tried to give her a skeptical, static stance to contrast with his crazy, over-the-top antics.

more faces

More faces from my fall 2011 figure drawing class. All are from online photo reference but my favorites are the last three – they’re from a series of photographs by Sarah Stolfa, of “regulars” from the bar where she works.   

fabric folds

Here are some pieces from my fall figure drawing class where the assignments focused on the storytelling of folds in fabric. The first one is a drawing I did from life of one of my dresses draped on a stool; the rest are from photo references that Nick helped me take.

hands, legs, faces

Just some random assignments from my figure drawing class, picked from separate weeks. Just about everything is from photo reference, although the hands are Loomis copies. from Andrew Loomis’ “Head & Hands” 

figure drawing – stretch & compress

In my figure drawing class, we recently had an assignment requiring stretching & compression of form – ie bending of limbs, torso, etc so that you can see the compression on the bent side and the way the form stretches on the opposite side. Nick helped me take reference photos of myself so you may recognize the model :). don’t mind me, just conjuring…

toddlers & babies

In figure drawing, we recently had a module where we tackled age differences – babies, toddlers, kids, teens & adults of all ages. Here are my toddler drawings – all based on photo references of my awesome 2-year old. 

smiling victorians & norma jean

Some work from week 9 of my figure drawing class – the first one comes from a great reference site,  – you could spend hours looking through their fantastic images. This image is from their “Smiling Victorians” set – I love those photos, as the people seem so much more alive than the serious images you usually see from that time. This one’s…