caricatures for character design

Caricatures are crazy – how is it that you can exaggerate/minimize features and somehow get a likeness that can – when professionally executed – be more recognizable than a photo?  This guy – Wouter Tulp – is one amazing caricature artist (among his many talents). Hanoch Piven manages to create very abstract caricatures with amazing likenesses, using objects and minimal color. Here are a few…

fabric fold design

Take a look at your elbows – if you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt, you’ll have a bunch of fabric folds there. Anytime you move, bend or stretch your arm, those folds change. The folds in fabric help describe the action of the figure, but sometimes they’re super complicated and it’s not necessary to include every single fold.  How can we simplify fabric so that…

shape character design

Here’s a fun recent assignment – create a character by starting with a shape outline that utilizes basic design principles (curves vs straights, small/med/large, intuitive lines.) Here’s my little final guy, with the earlier steps below.

character design based on pose

We are starting to have really fun assignments in my character design class. They’ve been providing us with great, expressive reference photos and we were recently asked to come up with characters based on certain poses – note that the point here is to use the pose, not the character in the picture. Here are two of the ones that I completed:

character design class & more!

School’s back in session! I have a fantastic lineup of classes this fall:– ANM 633 Character Design – basic character design, already lots of fun – FA 602 Head Drawing – a traditional fine arts class, mostly in the medium of sanguine & white pastel pencils on grey toned paper. – ANM 670 Preproduction- an excellent course to learn about film preproduction and to…