layout design – ticino pan

Another simple layout design posting from the spring semester – I based this off of a favorite vintage travel poster of Ticino, Switzerland. The assignment was to design a pan – you can see the basic framing and simple ghosted characters in the second version below (after the jump).

layout design thumbnails

Here’s a quick post with some recent thumbnails from my layout design class, demonstrating some elements of design:

layout building – "big city" theme

For my Layout design class, I had to create a simple layout using a number of layers including background, overlays, underlays & character level. Here’s what the final piece looked like, plus smaller versions of the individual layers.   If I had the time to work on this some more, I would make the sky part a solid block with a light gradient, rather than…

western layouts

Since my Traditional Animation 2 & Drawing from the Imagination classes have been so intense this semester, I haven’t posted much from my Layout for Animation course. Here’s an assignment from a few modules back – the goal was to portray the same Western town from two different perspectives. Here’s the one-point view: And here’s the two-point view, a bit further down the street:…